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Be ready for anything Products for Emergency Preparedness

In an emergency, being prepared for anything requires having trustworthy products and life-sustaining foods already at hand. This includes the most trusted water treatment systems and chemicals for easily treating both fresh and salt water. Find mobile or stationary systems that are powered by your choice of the sun, gravity, a little personal energy or electricity. In addition, the Katadyn Group line includes stoves and cookware, as well as both portable meals and the nutritious foods and meal kits needed to sustain a group of any size for even longer periods. Be healthy, be safe, and be prepared for anything.

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Why emergency food?

Almost daily, we read in the media about accidents and disasters. Once the emergency has occurred, it will be too late to take any extensive precautions to control the damage. But appropriate planning will enable you to be prepared to face emergency situations. Our specially assembled Emergency Food packs have been designed to support you in this effort.


The greatest enemy of dehydrated or freeze-dried foods is moisture and oxygen. For long-term storage, foods must be packaged in solid containers with minimum moisture and oxygen contents. The purpose of packaging under a nitrogen atmosphere is to prevent oxidation of certain components contained in the food.


Food dehydration is the oldest method of increasing the shelf life of foods. For millennia, humanity has known that freshly harvested foods will not be spoiled if they are sun-cured. Such dehydrated foods used to be vital for survival during the wintertime, when food supplies were scarce. Today, state-of-the-art technologies offer new and more advanced approaches to preserving foods.



Blackout -- Powerlessly in the dark

What if a city, an entire region or even an entire country is without power for several days? One can hardly imagine such a scenario....

The German city of Bad Homburg relies on Katadyn Group products in the event of an emergency

In the event of a natural disaster, severe storm, power outage or a technical system blackout, crisis teams are activated in cities and municipalities. These...

Special solutions for the Military, NGOs and Governments

The Katadyn Group offers a multitude of special solutions for satisfying highly demanding requirements by the Military, NGOs and Governments. These highly reliable solutions and products have...